What Happen in Vegas pt.3

Learning Trip: Teach For All Alumni Educators Conference

Venue: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Date: 17-18 July 2014

A full pack 2 days events with a lot of fun and learning!  We start the day as in What Happen in Vegas pt.2, then we are divided for Teach For America Alumni Conference sessions. I register for 2 sessions; Creating Diverse School Options for Students & Families and Leveraging Social Media to Elevate Your Story, Beliefs and the Cause You Support.


The we are invited to Alumni Awards where Teach For America celebrates their Alumni in different sectors. Surprisingly, there are corp members who still in school after 20 years! 20 years and counting, and still fighting for the same cause and engage in the mission and the movement!


The Teach For America sessions continues the next day and I also registered for another 2 sessions, Closing the Opportunity Gap through Authentic Writing and Building Community Trust by Teach For Peru. Then I had a special session with Jeffery Lavick to record for video and learn a bit about film editing and video taping. His precious tip is that people can tolerate a lousy video, but not lousy audio. Make sure to have good audio and it will all be good. Nice tip!


Next, we had a special session with Isaac Pollack, Principal of Carver Senior High School where he transform the school’s administrations and curriculum in one of the high-need school and challenging community. His story has been shared in Teach For All Network website, Choose to Connect.

    DSCF1294 DSCF1295

The last night, we had a dinner in an Italian restaurant just around Vegas and have fun with friends walking down the Vegas Strip.


“Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.” -Michele Jennae-

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