What Happen in Vegas pt.2

Learning Trip: Teach For All Alumni Educators Conference

Venue:  Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Date: 17 July 2014

Full day with a lot of learning and fun! We start our day with per-reflection based on groups, school leaders, teacher’s training and teacher’s leadership. Great to see that we have the same believe that teacher creates impact. Great discussion during breakfast at Ceres Restaurant, and wrap up discussion with Wendy Kopp. Then we start with TFA conference.

My first session was school options, and I’m really keen into Montessori For All. I like this idea because I believe early education. If all children attain good early education, they will develop better. Then using social media to leverage cause you believe was a great session. I’ve done this and this is great to share success stories with others.

Also some social networking tips like 5 authentic tweets everyday to get more followers. TFA Alumni Awards are inspiring!! It is good to see that there are corp members that have been teaching for more than 20 years! Looking at their success stories reminds me that we can do more. Students opening and closing performance was awesome! Overall, good day despite the tragedy. Al-fatihah #MH17


TFA Group Photo Vegas 2014Teach For All Educators Family #ECVegas14

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