What Happen in Vegas pt.1

Learning Trip: Teach For All Alumni Educators Conference

Venue:  Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Date: 16 July 2014

After 30 hours flight, I made it! Alhamdulillah. Today, we only have two sessions mostly ice-breaking and discussing about our education system in different countries. It is surprisingly common that every countries facing the same problem, regardless of their demographic, but soothing to see that some small countries can make more progressive impact than bigger country. For example, Teach For Estonia have been working with their government to improve the teacher’s training.
Fun fact, in Lebanon, there are more male fellows than female. Germany have 96 different types of schools! South Africa normal classroom have 1:70 teacher student ratio. (and we complaint about 40 students in classroom). India have schools differ by languages and caste. Despite of all the differences we have, we face the same problems and challenges, from the classroom to the government policies. How implementation gap from top-down effect the students. What we can do? It takes two to tango. Picture of all the network in one room. Small world it is.

TFA Alumni Educators Conference Vegas 2014The Participants origin and Network

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