I am Adibah. I am Human. Pt.1

While tidying my old stuff, I found this picture of me at the age of 4/5. Almost the same age as my daughter now. Then everything start to come.back and flashed in my mind.


Naughty girl, obviously.

I was once a tomboy girl who seeks approval to live in man’s world. Growing up to be the only girl in the family, I have certain ego to prove myself that I am at least at the same level as my brothers. I once a sick naughty kid who doesn’t listen to others (still am) especially when I think I’m right. I accept my asthma as part of me, and embrace my childhood by climbing trees, playing with boys and hate pink.

I’m once a perfectionist up to the point where I can’t go to sleep if things are not in place. Growing up, I learn a lot. I start to love pink and purple, travel alone and admit myself to hospital when I know I need help. I learn to sleep at night in a messy room and it is okay to mess up and learn from it.

I learn to accept and forgive myself. I learn that if I love myself, no one can bring me down. In fact, I still learn. I learn that I could not do things alone. I learn to reach out if I am helpless.

I am blessed with family who believe in me and support me no matter what. I am blessed to have friends who treats me like family. I am blessed with strangers who are kind to me.

Now, I teach. I want to tell my lovely kids in school that it is okay to be imperfect. It is okay to make mistakes as long they learn from it. It is okay to not get straight A’s. It is okay to not be perfect.

I am not perfect, I am human.

What Happen in Vegas pt.3

Learning Trip: Teach For All Alumni Educators Conference

Venue: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Date: 17-18 July 2014

A full pack 2 days events with a lot of fun and learning!  We start the day as in What Happen in Vegas pt.2, then we are divided for Teach For America Alumni Conference sessions. I register for 2 sessions; Creating Diverse School Options for Students & Families and Leveraging Social Media to Elevate Your Story, Beliefs and the Cause You Support.


The we are invited to Alumni Awards where Teach For America celebrates their Alumni in different sectors. Surprisingly, there are corp members who still in school after 20 years! 20 years and counting, and still fighting for the same cause and engage in the mission and the movement!


The Teach For America sessions continues the next day and I also registered for another 2 sessions, Closing the Opportunity Gap through Authentic Writing and Building Community Trust by Teach For Peru. Then I had a special session with Jeffery Lavick to record for video and learn a bit about film editing and video taping. His precious tip is that people can tolerate a lousy video, but not lousy audio. Make sure to have good audio and it will all be good. Nice tip!


Next, we had a special session with Isaac Pollack, Principal of Carver Senior High School where he transform the school’s administrations and curriculum in one of the high-need school and challenging community. His story has been shared in Teach For All Network website, Choose to Connect.

    DSCF1294 DSCF1295

The last night, we had a dinner in an Italian restaurant just around Vegas and have fun with friends walking down the Vegas Strip.


“Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.” -Michele Jennae-

What Happen in Vegas pt.2

Learning Trip: Teach For All Alumni Educators Conference

Venue:  Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Date: 17 July 2014

Full day with a lot of learning and fun! We start our day with per-reflection based on groups, school leaders, teacher’s training and teacher’s leadership. Great to see that we have the same believe that teacher creates impact. Great discussion during breakfast at Ceres Restaurant, and wrap up discussion with Wendy Kopp. Then we start with TFA conference.

My first session was school options, and I’m really keen into Montessori For All. I like this idea because I believe early education. If all children attain good early education, they will develop better. Then using social media to leverage cause you believe was a great session. I’ve done this and this is great to share success stories with others.

Also some social networking tips like 5 authentic tweets everyday to get more followers. TFA Alumni Awards are inspiring!! It is good to see that there are corp members that have been teaching for more than 20 years! Looking at their success stories reminds me that we can do more. Students opening and closing performance was awesome! Overall, good day despite the tragedy. Al-fatihah #MH17


TFA Group Photo Vegas 2014Teach For All Educators Family #ECVegas14

What Happen in Vegas pt.1

Learning Trip: Teach For All Alumni Educators Conference

Venue:  Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Date: 16 July 2014

After 30 hours flight, I made it! Alhamdulillah. Today, we only have two sessions mostly ice-breaking and discussing about our education system in different countries. It is surprisingly common that every countries facing the same problem, regardless of their demographic, but soothing to see that some small countries can make more progressive impact than bigger country. For example, Teach For Estonia have been working with their government to improve the teacher’s training.
Fun fact, in Lebanon, there are more male fellows than female. Germany have 96 different types of schools! South Africa normal classroom have 1:70 teacher student ratio. (and we complaint about 40 students in classroom). India have schools differ by languages and caste. Despite of all the differences we have, we face the same problems and challenges, from the classroom to the government policies. How implementation gap from top-down effect the students. What we can do? It takes two to tango. Picture of all the network in one room. Small world it is.

TFA Alumni Educators Conference Vegas 2014The Participants origin and Network